Movie Reviews

  The lovely and vivacious Sybil Starr tortures my breasts and nipples.  She beats me first with a Deerskin flogger, and then a Cowhide flogger.  She uses a Viper's Tongue on me, which is made from razor strop.  You can see the bruise it creates.  Sybil is glamorous in the sequin gown.  The pain is divine and enlightening.  It is not a contest, but a clearing of the mind.  It is a Perfection of Focus.  I want to offer myself . . . to give what I can . . . and be a proud and noble spirit, worthy of the pain and suffering inflicted upon me.

Sybil finishes by putting Japanese Clovers on my inflamed nipples.  The pain is intense!  But I ultimately find that calm within myself, that only acceptance of one's true nature can bring.

This is my true nature.  If you hurt me, I will love you.  If you love me, you will hurt me.  My suffering is my art.  It is my beauty.

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