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Truckers' Girl

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  This was shot in late September 2011.  A photographer from Model contacted me, and wanted to shoot me in Columbus, OH.  I drove down on Friday, and we shot Saturday and Sunday.  In the far, back parking lot were these two semi-trailers.  Modeling in-between them; thoughts of being the latex sex slave of two horny truckers fill   my mind.  Kidnapped, taken out on the road with them, forced to sleep bound, gagged and butt-plugged in their overhead compartment.  Used repeatedly by them both.  Do these thoughts make me a slut?  But don't the virtuous have fantasies of being defiled?  Yes, my fantasies are lurid and perverse.  But I have high morals, and would never just allow myself to be abducted and used by complete strangers.  Although, one can imagine . . .  
TruckersGirl_002 TruckersGirl_003 TruckersGirl_004 TruckersGirl_005 TruckersGirl_006 TruckersGirl_007 TruckersGirl_008
TruckersGirl_009 TruckersGirl_010 TruckersGirl_011 TruckersGirl_012 TruckersGirl_013 TruckersGirl_014 TruckersGirl_015
TruckersGirl_016 TruckersGirl_017 TruckersGirl_018 TruckersGirl_019 TruckersGirl_020 TruckersGirl_021 TruckersGirl_022
TruckersGirl_023 TruckersGirl_024 TruckersGirl_025 TruckersGirl_026 TruckersGirl_027 TruckersGirl_028 TruckersGirl_029
TruckersGirl_031 TruckersGirl_033 TruckersGirl_035 TruckersGirl_036 TruckersGirl_037 TruckersGirl_040 TruckersGirl_045
TruckersGirl_048 TruckersGirl_055 TruckersGirl_056 TruckersGirl_058 TruckersGirl_061 TruckersGirl_063 TruckersGirl_064
TruckersGirl_067 TruckersGirl_072 TruckersGirl_074 TruckersGirl_076 TruckersGirl_079 TruckersGirl_081 TruckersGirl_087
TruckersGirl_088 TruckersGirl_089 TruckersGirl_090 TruckersGirl_091 TruckersGirl_092 TruckersGirl_093 TruckersGirl_095
TruckersGirl_097 TruckersGirl_099