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  Hello and welcome to my free website.  My name is Rachel Dane, and I am a latex cross-dresser.  I am a male, dressed as a female in latex rubber.  Why?  Because at a young age, I started identifying with feminine sexuality.  A longer explanation is provided here.

 I am a single Caucasian, 50 years old.  5'-7" tall (170 cm) and living in  Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

For many years, I searched for websites that featured a "rubber shemale sex slave (R3S)."  A beautiful woman encased in latex, with full round breasts and a nice cock.  I wanted to see this captured beauty, bound and tortured.  The closest I found was House of Gord (circa 2000), Ashley Renee and Bondage Cafe.  There was no website dedicated exclusively to the bondage and torment of a rubber shemale sex slave.  So, in 2007, I created this website.  I became the R3S I wanted to see.

Over the years, I merged my study of 16th - 18th century Japan with my latex personification.  From this, I created the term "shi-male", which more accurately describes me.

This website averages over 60,000 unique visitors a year, from all over the world.  My videos receive over 45,000 views a month.  My work has been viewed over 2 million times, in the last 8 years.  Rachel remains the only website dedicated exclusively to the real-life, sadomasochistic and sexual adventures of an R3S.


This website was to serve two purposes:

1.  True documentary of my real life exploits as Rachel Dane,
2.  Attract a lover, significant others and play partners. 

Over the years, I have polished my vision of Rachel Dane.  Most accurately, I can be described as a "Latex Courtesan."  I drew inspiration from the literary courtesans of Colette and Alexandre Dumas, Hollywood movies of the 1930's and 1940's, the Japanese Geisha, and Michael Manning's latex concubine.

I met many people on this exploration of self.  I played with, and had sex with men, women, transvestites and transsexuals.  I had some wonderful experiences, and some not so wonderful.  Rachel Dane was my lifestyle and I fully embraced it. 

I am contacted mostly by submissive males and other rubberdolls.  I recognize this as my reality.  I no longer hope for an Owner, Top or dominant lover.  After 8 years of trying, and over 2 million views, I only had  one relationship as Rachel.  Disappointment, disillusionment and frustration has settled upon me.  What is the point of transforming myself into an elegant, sophisticated courtesan, if there is no one to appreciate me? 

I am a succulent plum that sat too long on the branch.  No one came to pluck me, so I withered away.  I can no longer continue to nourish myself.  I lost hope that anyone would genuinely be interested in me.  I question if I even still wish to be Rachel Dane. 

Part of this is due to living in Michigan, where they have never seen a rubberdoll before and are generally freaked out by my appearance.  While the Internet exposes me to the world, it remains difficult to meet someone for a cup of coffee. 


I have active profiles on Model Mayhem, xHamster, Pornhub. Fetlife, and  XBiZ.netYou can also find profiles for me, on almost any adult dating website, that would support a latex transvestite.  If you wish to "google me" I suggest using the words "rachel dane latex" or "rubber shemale sex slave."  Both will demonstrate how prolific my work is. 

I welcome fanmail and email correspondence.  If you would like to email me, please read a few tips about contacting me.  Thank you.