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Suspended by Sybil Starr!


Sybil Starr comes by the House of Four Diamonds to play with the latex concubine!  This is a bondage I have wanted to do for a long time.  Finally, I had all the right people at one place to do this!  My thick, leather, suspension cuffs from Mr. S are attached to the chain hoist.  Sybil cranks the hoist up, stretching me.  She keeps cranking until I am completely off the ground, suspended by my wrists.  She caresses my latex body as  I kick helplessly at the air! 

You can see more of Sybil at

Sorry I have to use video stills to round out the gallery.  I hope you like what you see.  Check out the video, it's really great! 


~ Rachel

SuspendedBySybil001 SuspendedBySybil002 SuspendedBySybil003 SuspendedBySybil004 SuspendedBySybil005 SuspendedBySybil006
SuspendedBySybil007 SuspendedBySybil008 SuspendedBySybil009 SuspendedBySybil010 SuspendedBySybil011 SuspendedBySybil012