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What is a shi-male?

  In ancient Japan, there were four classes of people: the Farmer, the Tradesman, the Merchant and the Shi.  One who holds their place by means of learning, is called a "shi."

The play on words of "shemale" and "shi-male" is intentional.  Since I am not a Transsexual on hormones, it is dishonest to advertise myself as a shemale.  However, I do hold my place by means of learning, specifically:

  • I am an adherent of Zen, the Tao and Confucius teachings.
  • Self-taught Web Design, Video editing and Photo Shop.
  • Self-taught Japanese.
  • Created a code of ethics, influenced by Bushido and the Geisha, that is particular to my lifestyle.
  • Self-taught latex attire design and manufacturing.