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The Rubber Geisha

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  The beauty of a kimono lies in what it hides underneath.

This was shot in the Grand Ballroom of Detroit's Leland Hotel.  This is a common location used by the Detroit Erotic Arts Collective.  The black and white of my costume worked perfectly with the floor. 

RubberGeisha016 RubberGeisha019 RubberGeisha020 RubberGeisha022 RubberGeisha023 RubberGeisha029 RubberGeisha031
RubberGeisha032 RubberGeisha034 RubberGeisha035 RubberGeisha036 RubberGeisha037 RubberGeisha040 RubberGeisha042
RubberGeisha043 RubberGeisha044 RubberGeisha045 RubberGeisha046 RubberGeisha047 RubberGeisha048 RubberGeisha049
RubberGeisha050 RubberGeisha052 RubberGeisha054 RubberGeisha062 RubberGeisha063 RubberGeisha064 RubberGeisha065