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2007.  Inverted suspension, sucking on a big, black dildo!  Exciting and dangerous!

  The work of the House of Gord website, from 1998-2001 was inspirational for me.  The bondage was incredible, and the catsuit beauties were delicious!  I desired to emulate them.  I was nervous about doing this type of bondage.  Should the chain hoist fail, I would be spiked, head first, into the floor.  This is called an "axial load."  It is what ultimately killed Christopher Reeves and ended Stone Cold Steve Austin's wrestling career.  This is a legitimately dangerous stunt.

I have figured out how to redo this bondage with a much higher safety standard. 

I'd like to reshoot this video, with two or three men - or one woman.  I would be swung around, whipped with belts, spun like a top and forced to perform oral sex. 

It sounds hot, but the reality is, most people are too timid to do this video with me.  Everyone is safe behind their computer screen.  Very, very few people have the personal conviction to step in front of the camera with me.  Not everyone desires to do latex fetish transvestite porn, and I recognize that.