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The Red Rubber Doll


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  In my perfect, imaginary world, everything is rich, opulent and beautiful.  I belong to a rich, powerful and well-hung Master, who keeps me tied up constantly for his own pleasure and amusement.  I am his red rubber doll, as much a part of his opulent lifestyle as a mahogany desk or a marble staircase.  
RedRubberDoll001 RedRubberDoll002 RedRubberDoll003 RedRubberDoll004 RedRubberDoll005 RedRubberDoll006
RedRubberDoll007 RedRubberDoll008 RedRubberDoll009 RedRubberDoll010 RedRubberDoll011 RedRubberDoll012
RedRubberDoll013 RedRubberDoll014 RedRubberDoll015 RedRubberDoll016 RedRubberDoll017 RedRubberDoll018
RedRubberDoll019 RedRubberDoll020 RedRubberDoll021 RedRubberDoll022 RedRubberDoll023 RedRubberDoll024
RedRubberDoll025 RedRubberDoll026 RedRubberDoll027 RedRubberDoll028 RedRubberDoll029 RedRubberDoll030
RedRubberDoll031 RedRubberDoll032 RedRubberDoll033 RedRubberDoll034 RedRubberDoll035 RedRubberDoll036
RedRubberDoll037 RedRubberDoll038 RedRubberDoll039 RedRubberDoll040 RedRubberDoll041 RedRubberDoll042
RedRubberDoll043 RedRubberDoll044 RedRubberDoll045 RedRubberDoll046 RedRubberDoll047