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  This is my first video.  It was shot in 2007, in the furnace room of my basement.  The camera man, was a submissive male that e-mailed me.  I planned this whole video, and explained all he needed to do, was run the camera.  No experience required to work with me.  For his compensation, I tied him up at a later date.

Those are Snake Bite suckers on my nipples.  We were going to attach nipple clamps later, and then tie the penis restraint up to the clamps.  But we never got around to that.  It was my idea to be bound and gagged in this position.  The fantasy is I am an elegant, latex submissive, kept in a filthy basement.  I imaged three men, just standing over me, jerking off.  With a ring-gag holding my mouth open, they could all cum inside me.

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