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The Peacock Suit


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  On, there is a user profile by the name of Osvaldogreco.  He is the artist who made the original drawing of the Peacock Suit.  His drawing has always aroused and inspired me.  I have masturbated many times, imagining myself as this latex peacock.  In my mind, electrodes would be attached to my breasts and anus, underneath the catsuit  The control units would be on my back, where other people could control the intensity.  I imagine being lead around local play parties and fetish events.  The women would all enjoy playing with my controls, and seeing my reactions.  My handler would invite many people back to the hotel room to have sex with me.  Fuck the peacock girl in the ass, or have her give you oral sex.  
PeacockSuit001 PeacockSuit002 PeacockSuit003 PeacockSuit004 PeacockSuit005 PeacockSuit006
PeacockSuit007 PeacockSuit008 PeacockSuit009 PeacockSuit010 PeacockSuit011 PeacockSuit012
PeacockSuit013 PeacockSuit014 PeacockSuit015 PeacockSuit016 PeacockSuit017 PeacockSuit018
PeacockSuit019 PeacockSuit020 PeacockSuit021 PeacockSuit022 PeacockSuit023 PeacockSuit024
PeacockSuit025 PeacockSuit026 PeacockSuit027 PeacockSuit028 PeacockSuit029 PeacockSuit030
PeacockSuit031 PeacockSuit032 PeacockSuit033 PeacockSuit034 PeacockSuit035 PeacockSuit036
PeacockSuit037 PeacockSuit038 PeacockSuit039 PeacockSuit040 PeacockSuit041 PeacockSuit042
PeacockSuit043 PeacockSuit044 PeacockSuit045 PeacockSuit046 PeacockSuit047