Movie Reviews

King Kong

Starring Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin


Directed by John Gullermin.  Produced by Dino De Laurentis  1976


Adrift in the ocean, Dwan (Jessica Lange) is rescued by a petroleum research ship.  The ship's mission is to explore oil reserves on an uncharted tropical island.  When the island natives see the golden haired Dwan, they kidnap her.  Dwan is offered as the new bride to Kong!

Even when rescued, and taken back to New York City, she is still offered as the golden-haired, bride to Kong!

Dwan's life is pain, beauty and suffering. 
Were she not beautiful, she would not have been on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. 
Were she not meant to suffer, she would not have fallen overboard and left adrift in a lifeboat.
Were she not beautiful, she would not have been abducted by the island natives.
Were she not meant to suffer, she would not have been be offered to Kong.

In New York, Dwan is dressed in the single most fabulous gown ever. 
She is again beautiful.
She is again offered to Kong
She again suffers.

Kong's infatuation with Dwan, causes him to run amok in an effort to protect her.
Kong rescues Dwan, and climbs to the top of the World Trade Center.
Attacked with flame-throwers, Kong makes a heroic leap from one World Trade Tower, to the other.
All to save his beautiful bride;
All to protect her from the suffering the world heaps upon her.
Kong is her protector; Kong is her King,
And she is his bride.

But Dwan is doomed to suffer for her beauty. 
Before her eyes, Kong is brutally shot by helicopters,
Before her eyes, Kong falls off the Trade Center Tower.

On the ground, she can hear the slowing hearbeat of Kong.
He is dying.
His last sight is of Dwan; his beautiful bride.

When Kong's heart stops, when he is dead;
The men swoop upon Dwan.
The rich, the powerful, the hungry.
They all want her.

They want to exploit her,
They want to use her.
Her pain and suffering is beautiful,
And they want to feast upon her tears.

Dwan's life is pain, beauty and suffering.

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