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Karmic Bondage

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I wear a black, latex catsuit and silver pony harness.  A butt plug is deep inside me.  I am bound; my feet tied to a bamboo pole.  The gag is inserted deep into my mouth.  My head is pulled back, the gag tied to a chain hoist.  The hoist is raised, and slowly my legs leave the ground.  Most of my weight is pushed forward, onto my breasts.  The leather armbinder pulls my arms behind me, and up to the hoist. 

This is my bondage, this is my day.  My jaw aches from the gag, and my shoulders burn.  Sweat and spittle pool underneath my face.  There is nothing to be done, except suffer. 

KarmicBondage001 KarmicBondage002 KarmicBondage003 KarmicBondage004 KarmicBondage005 KarmicBondage006
KarmicBondage007 KarmicBondage010 KarmicBondage011 KarmicBondage012 KarmicBondage013 KarmicBondage014
KarmicBondage015 KarmicBondage017 KarmicBondage018 KarmicBondage019 KarmicBondage020 KarmicBondage021
KarmicBondage022 KarmicBondage023 KarmicBondage024 KarmicBondage025 KarmicBondage026 KarmicBondage027
KarmicBondage028 KarmicBondage029 KarmicBondage030 KarmicBondage031 KarmicBondage032 KarmicBondage033
KarmicBondage034 KarmicBondage035 KarmicBondage037 KarmicBondage038 KarmicBondage039 KarmicBondage040
KarmicBondage041 KarmicBondage042 KarmicBondage043 KarmicBondage044 KarmicBondage045 KarmicBondage046
KarmicBondage047 KarmicBondage048 KarmicBondage049 KarmicBondage050 KarmicBondage051 KarmicBondage052