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  Hello and welcome to my free website.  My name is Rachel Dane.  I am a latex cross-dresser: a male, dressed as a female in latex rubber.  Why?  Because at a young age, I started identifying with feminine sexuality.  A longer explanation is provided here.

For many years, I searched for websites that featured a "rubber shemale sex slave (R3S)."  A beautiful woman encased in latex, with full round breasts and a nice cock.  I wanted to see this captured beauty, bound and tortured.  The closest I found was House of Gord (circa 1999), Ashley Renee and Bondage Cafe.  There was no website dedicated exclusively to the real life, bondage and torment of a rubber shemale sex slave.  So, in 2007, I created this website.  I became the R3S I wanted to see.  


Over the years, I polished and refined my vision of Rachel Dane.  She became a combination of several different elements:
     *Classic Hollywood glamour of the 1930's,
     *Latex catsuit bondage and sophistication,
     *The art and service of a Japanese geisha,
     *The honor, loyalty and duty of the Code of Bushido,
     *The sexual vitality of a latex concubine,
     *The deportment of the classic, literary courtesans of Colette and Alexandre Dumas,
     *The "sex and death" imagery of classic horror films and modern exploitation films.

I merged my study of 16th - 18th century Japan with my latex personification.  From this, I created the term "shi-male", which more accurately describes me.

I built a chashitsu (Japanese Tea Room) in my house, resplendent with a chain hoist hidden in the ceiling.  I turned my home into an ochaya called The House of Four Diamonds.  It was my intent for my home to be like a real Japanese Tea House, where a geisha serves her clients.  I was to be that geisha . . . a submissive, latex transvestite geisha.  An exquisite willow tree that bends to the service of others, a master of creating an atmosphere of relaxation and amusement.  Rachel Dane was to be an artist of erotic pleasure and fantasy, the latex geisha serving in a pleasure emporium ~ the House of Four Diamonds.


This website was created to serve two purposes:

1.  A true documentary of my real life exploits as Rachel Dane.  I wanted to create Cinema Verite and Kine-o-Eye cinema.  I am tired of websites that only offer pretty women posing in latex.  I see very little difference between the content of Bianca Beauchamp, Susan Wayland, Emily Marilyn and many others.  It is simply "stand and model."  I want my work to be real and authentic.  I want to show real sex and real SadoMasochism.  My drive is to have Rachel Dane be my real lifestyle, and to share it with the world.  I want to be exploited.
2.  Attract lovers, significant others and play partners to share my lifestyle with. 

I published my photos and videos on xHamster, Pornhub. Fetlife, Model Mayhem,, Adult Friend Finder, xvideos, Tokyo Porn Tube, EroProfile, LatexZentrale, A Shemale Forum, ImageFap, Deviant Art and many other websites.  I made YouTube videos and reached 500 subscribers in six months, before YouTube banned me.  During the years, I have been contacted by retired National Hockey League players (wanted me as a notch on his belt), professional MMA fighters (we did 5 videos together), porn stars (showing appreciation for my work), and fashion designers (wanted me at their show).  I have been the cover model of an adult coloring book, and received fan art.  This website averages over 60,000 unique visitors a year, from all over the world.  My videos receive over 45,000 views a month.  My work has been viewed over 2 million times, in 8 years. 

  I created an exciting and unique personage.  Where many latex transvestites were vulgar, tawdry and lewd, I am sophisticated, elegant and glamorous.  Many people expressed their love and appreciation of my work.  This isn't role play, it is my lifestyle.  Rachel Dane is my raison d'etre.  Everything I do, is centered around my transformation into this elegant courtesan.   Even today, you cannot find another website that has my type of content, with my production values and my Internet penetration.  You can google "rachel dane latex" or "rubber shemale sex slave" and see how pervasive my Internet presence is.  


I've been to live events as Rachel, events like the inaugural Rubberdoll World Rendezvous in Minneapolis, Shibaricon in Chicago, and parties in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Toledo and Cleveland.  Unfortunately, at most of these events, people just stare at me.  Very few people would approach me or talk with me.  Most people have never seen someone like me before, and they are freaked out.  Going to live events as Rachel, was generally a failure.   It's a shame, because I am really a nice person, if you talk to me.  There is nothing to fear from me, I'm a bottom.

Thank you.

~ Rachel Dane