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My earliest erotic memories have to do with Beauty Pageants.  I was maybe eight years old, and wanted to see only the Evening Gown competition.  I didn't care about the National Costumes, or the absurdly vulgar Bathing Suit competition.  Who could be aroused by such excessive nudity?  Sexuality is like a Christmas present: lovingly wrapped and delicately concealed.  It is the gift wrapping that gives the magic and mystique to the gift.  We do not hand out nude gifts, we wrap them in the most alluring manner.  So it is with Evening Gowns.  Could there ever be a sexier wrapping than that?




I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  Every Thanksgiving Day, the local television station would broadcast the original "King Kong", staring Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, and "The Queen of Scream", Fay Wray.  This was my first exposure to the combination of beautiful glamour and unimaginable terror.  It is only the noble and virtuous that stand on the precipice of sex and death.



  Soon thereafter, I started watching the old Universal Classic horror films.  Zita Johann in "The Mummy!" was the first imperiled heroine I identified with.  I know her costume was part of her allure: half golden Princess and half erotic slave girl.  The story itself was fantastic!  A tale of insane love that spanned thousands of years.  One man's passion to reclaim his lost love, by reincarnating his Princess within a young woman.  The terrors that await the young beauty are erotic indeed!  


  The Mummy was still looking for his reincarnated Princess in "The Mummy's Hand."  With the aid of an evil priest (George Zucco), the Princess is located in young, Peggy Moran.  The Mummy steals Miss Moran away, and brings her to be sacrificed in the Temple of Karnak.  Wearing a beautiful, white satin nightgown, she is strapped to the sacrificial altar.  It is here, the erotic allure of satin, bondage and peril intoxicate George Zucco - and me.  Overwhelmed by lust, Zucco decides to keep Miss Moran as his eternal love slave!  While Fay Wray tied between two pillars in "King Kong" may have been my first exposure to bondage, it did not have the same impact on me.  It was not until I saw "The Mummy's Hand" that I desired to be that helpless heroine; dressed in satin, bound to the sacrificial altar and fearing the horrors to come!   



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