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Half-joking I say: "Aaron Spelling made me a pervert!"  He was the  progenitor of "Jiggle Television" and brought forth the incomparable "Charlie's Angels!"  I was 10 years old when it first came on television, and 15 when it was finally canceled.  It combined beautiful women, sexy attire, bondage & adventure!  From their very first picture on the cover of "People" magazine, I was hooked!



  Charlie's Angels introduced me to the beautiful Jaclyn Smith.  At my young age, I could not understand my interest in her.  I loved looking at her; I loved seeing her costumes, and I especially loved seeing her in danger.  I remember one episode, where she sneaks into an Arabian restaurant and poses as an Oriental Belly Dancer.  That one scene had me completely in love with her.   


  Season Three saw Shelley Hack replacing Kate Jackson.  The first episode, called "Love Boat Angels" stands out, because of the fabulous gowns; Cheryl Ladd wore a stunning one-shoulder white gown with sequins.  My fetish for blondes in white was born!  Other memorable episodes included Jaclyn Smith brain-washed into believing she was a Galatea like doll; and a man's obsession of Cheryl Ladd as his reincarnated wife.  Again, I am drawn to the story of one man's demented, mad love to own and possess the helpless beauty.  


  Aaron Spelling produced a "made for TV" movie starring Jaclyn Smith, Tony Curtis and John Forsythe (Charlie!), called "The Users."  Jaclyn Smith wore the most fabulous green satin gown I had ever seen!  She also wore a stunning one shoulder, silver & black sequin gown.  She was everything I ever wanted to be.   



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