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H'istoire d'O


Starring  Corrine Cleary, Udo Kier and Anthony Steel
Director: Just Jaeckin  1975

  Histoire d'O  was my first encounter with any representation of an erotic slave.  For a very long time, she was my Ideal.  As I grew older, and actually spent some time as a 24/7 collared slave, some of my views changed.   

There has been speculation as to why the main character is named "O."  Is it the initial of her first name?  Is it to symbolize she is a hole?  Is it to mean she is nothing?  Empty?  The usefulness of a cup is its emptiness.  One cannot be open to new experiences, if one is already full of old ones.  A cup must be empty, before more can go in.

O's lover takes her to the Chateau de Roissy, to be trained as an erotic slave.  During her stay, O sleeps in bondage.  I have trained myself to do this, as well.

Her valet would release her in the morning, then whip her.  Being whipped is to remind her of her position.  To focus her perception on being a slave, being used for the pleasure of others.  O was whipped  first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  She achieved a state of grace that would only be possible under the bondage and discipline that was her daily life at Roissy.  Always she was available.

I used to fantasize about being whipped first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  I wondered how it would affect me, and shape my psyche.  Would it open doors for me, or close them?  Would potential spring forth, or would it be crushed by unjust treatment?  Would it damage me?  I have been whipped many times, and I have whipped others many times.  My real life experiences are such, that a daily whipping would likely have a negative result.  An experienced SM player would not be so irresponsible, to think twice a day whippings would be a positive influence.  O needs to be whipped twice a day, because she is young and untrained.  I am not.  I know the difference between a good and bad whipper.  I know the difference between fantasy and reality, between cinema and real life.  H'istoire d'O is a movie.  The things it depicts are not real.  The more real life SM experiences I have, the more unrealistic the film becomes. 

Initially, this film was my blue print for an erotic slave.  Now, I see it as a story about the Tao.  It is about staying on your Path, and being true to your Way.  It is about embracing who you are, and not fighting it.  This is the route O takes.

O is like a diamond: it must be cut for its beauty to spring forth.

O is returned much improved to her lover in Paris.  After a time, she is told to meet him at a private estate.  There, O is told to serve Sir Stephen as her new Master.  He now owns her, and she is to serve him with the same passion and devotion.  O, trained too well, can only take the noble path: she will do what honors her lover.  She will not embarrass him in front of this new man.  O wants to demonstrate her lover is a man of quality, and does not bring forth failures.  She will give herself to this man that does not love her, and she will be the most beautiful diamond for him.

The movie captured a perfect combination of elegance, vulnerability and submission. 

In time, O comes to love Sir Stephen.  He has a room specially built just for her.  It is a room where she can be whipped.  I think this is a great expression of Sir Stephen's love for O.  On their travels, they meet a young man who becomes infatuated with O.  To illustrate exactly who she is, O displays her whipped body to him.  She is proud and noble in her suffering; daring this man to look at her, and see the glory of her pain, and to know this is who she really is.  The young man cannot stomach the strength of O's truth.

In the end, O's personal fulfillment and greatness comes from embracing her erotic slavery.  She stands naked and unashamed, in her submission.  She is not defiant, proud nor confrontational.  She does not challenge the crowd with her nakedness.  She stands revealed in her simplicity.  Her ascension is complete; she is Enlightened.  She is without guile, motivations, preconceptions or affectations.  She simply . . . is.   


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