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Cold Water

Download all pictures as a ZIP file here:  ColdWater.ZIP

  There was never one photographer I worked with consistently.  It was always different people, at different times.  Depends on who wanted to work with me.  I met this photographer through  the Detroit Erotic Arts Collective, which facilitates meetings between models and photographers.   This photographer did three shoots with me:  Black Latex Chains, Rubber Geisha and this one.  He wanted to do a shoot, with water coming down on me.  We shot this in the bathroom of my house.  Another friend did the bondage.

A few of the shots remind me of Sadako from the Japanese movie Ringu.

ColdWater_001 ColdWater_002 ColdWater_003 ColdWater_004 ColdWater_005 ColdWater_006
ColdWater_007 ColdWater_008 ColdWater_009 ColdWater_010 ColdWater_011 ColdWater_012
ColdWater_013 ColdWater_014 ColdWater_015 ColdWater_016 ColdWater_017 ColdWater_018
ColdWater_019 ColdWater_020 ColdWater_021 ColdWater_022 ColdWater_023 ColdWater_024
ColdWater_025 ColdWater_026 ColdWater_027 ColdWater_028 ColdWater_029 ColdWater_030
ColdWater_031 ColdWater_032 ColdWater_033 ColdWater_034 ColdWater_035 ColdWater_036