Movie Reviews

  My YouTube channel consisted of the videos below, and a few of my other videos, which featured me in bondage and full latex but without any exposed genitals.  On September 23, 2015, Google deleted my YouTube channel and Blogspot, on the basis that my latex & bondage videos were not consistent with their Community Guidelines.  I support Google in their actions.  Posted below are my VLOGs.  Thank you.  



August 24, 2015


August 2, 2015:  Ordering a new
new hood from Latex Nemesis.


July 31, 2015




  June 29, 2015:  Stood up
for a video chat.
  June 28, 2015   June 27, 2015:  The aftermath of
going to a play party in Toledo, OH.



  June 20, 2015   June 13, 2015:  Working out!   June 6, 2015:  Going shopping!   




May 2, 2015: Attempting to go to
Detroit Exotica.


April 30, 2015:  Preparing for my
Latex class for Lansing LEO. 


April 4, 2015:  Just strutting in
the Peacock Suit.





April 4, 2015:  The entire genesis of
the Peacock Suit.


January 13, 2015:  Working on
the splits!


January 12, 2015: 
Hanging crunches!







January 10, 2015:  Preparing for
Valley of the Rubberdolls,
in Los Angeles.